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Best Podcast Recording Device, by now ?

ADDITIONAL UPDATE: Despite its amazing features, this device seems to be of the "give me this day my daily firmware"-kind…
UPDATE: The MicroTrack 2496 won German c’t magazine’s recent competition against two other mobile recording devices.

Last week I had the chance to try out a M-Audio Micro Track 2496 portable recording device for a customer who wants to do podcasting with it: It’s amazing. O.K. we had to upgrade It’s firmware first, since the one it shipped with rendered plain unusable, but afterwards we were granted a fine 24/29 audio experience.
Unfortunately the device needs about 30 MB of the accompanying 64 MB Flash-Card as RAM, so if you want to record anything other than cd-resolution MP3, you are strongly advised to invest in a bigger card or even a microdrive.
The device comes with a plug-on microphone for conference-recording, though also being open to a variety of other connectors, including S/PDIF. Please see the specs for details. Just keep in mind that the phnatom power provided by the device is limited (though not quoted in the specification) – so if you also consider buying a microphone, be sure to give it a try at the shop before buying.
However the most fun part of it is, that if you are recording directly to MP3, you just need to connect the device to your PC’s USB port and it will switch to "server-mode" and you will be able to operate it just like any exernal USB-drive.
For podcasting, where time and flexibility count, it’s the most suitable device I’ve seen by now. I’m sure, we’ll have some serious fun with this thing throughout the coming weeks.

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FLOCKing to the Future

Last Wednesday I – as many others, I assume – read about FLOCK for the first time on TechCrunch: It’s a new Firefox-Clone with built-in Social Networking.
So if you’ve been annoyed by using half a dozen of apps and web services, until you finally get your thoughts on your blog, the photographs on Flickr and the new bookmarks on (proper tagging goes without saying here… 😉 ), this new program may have been built for you.
Although their FAQ say, that FLOCK originally had been intended to be released as a set of extensions for the "common" Firefox, it obviously turned out that it would need too big efforts to get it all work together properly, so that its developers decided to release it as a separate app.
Despite its current beta state, most of the intended functionality seems to work quite properly and I had quite some fun trying it all out.
It is said, that this could be an early predecessor of future Web 2.0 browsing apps.
Serverside a readily hosted WordPress-Blog seems to be the appropriate counterpart.
Maybe this could also be a way for future deployment and interaction with our SemaWorx services. I’ll have to take some time to think about this option… 😉

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Welcome to SemaWorker (updated)

Hello everyone out there in the Blogosphere !
This is SemaWorker, the weblog complementary to our SemaWorx project, currently taking place here in Mainz, Germany.
I’m Bardo Nelgen, in charge of project management and therefore responsible for our start-up’s organizational and financial matters. 😉
SemaWorx is about applying modern Semantic Web XML technology to SMEs’ or consumers’ everyday’s issues. So probably most topics on this blog may deal with starting a company, as well as geek-buzz and be accompanied by comments on local events and politics.
So I’m very happy to welcome you as my always-appreciated readers… 😉
All the best to you,
Bardo Nelgen

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