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Trying out my Nokia 770 Internet-Tablet (Developer Device)

When I finally received my Nokia 770 Internet Tablet some weeks ago I was very excited about it, since it will be the first mobile client device for our SemaWorx Project.
   Our context-sensitive backend-interaction already works pretty well with PCs, so now it’s time to try out some smaller clients. If the N 770 works well, hopefully a couple of cellphones will be next.
About the 770 itself: No, its certaily not slow as the first press feedback assumed, but it’s just as fast as most other PDAs. The preinstalled Webbrowser (the OS is linux-based, so you will be able to install a broad range of apps yourself soon) seems to be an Opera for Linux, the e-mail software comes with support for encryption and signature certificates and IMAP4 for comfortable, server-based e-mail handling.
There have been theoretically two ways to go online with the Nokia 770: Wi-Fi (b/g) or via Bluetooth Dial-Up. Unfortunately the current Bluetooth software only dials up via mobile phones but not via common household access points. So Wi-Fi access is much more convenient, though activating encryption is somewhat ponderous.
This is what leaves you hoping for the promised firmware upgrade early next year which will hopefully not only include some fixes for its mediaplayer but also some sort of scheduling software which is missing by now.
Something to praise: Although Nokia published a battery life of only three hours, I have to admit I had almost no chance to get it empty within less than three DAYS. Clearly enough time to find a place for recharge.
    I’m also a fan of the handwriting recognition software: Right after teaching it the often strange looking of the characters I produce 😉 i t did an amazing job on their transfer to plain text.
I’m really looking forward to what the community has saved us for the next upgrade…

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Industry Day @Idar-Oberstein

The podcast of the Industry Day in Idar-Oberstein which I attended last Wednesday is online now.
Of special interest: the video-podcast with Dr. Frank Schirrmacher, the publisher of FAZ about the aging of our societies and its consequences.

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Free Wi-Fi @Mainz

Since the time that Deutsche Telekom has started paying bistro-owners a fistful €uros for letting them rig a Wi-Fi hotspot at their location, it seems that in Mainz and several other cities free Wi-Fi has become a rare commodity nowadays.
Though these spots are rarely ever used by the bar or bistro’s clients, since they could easily have three cappuccino at the price of a single hour of internet use.
Someone who has cleverly managed to profit from the extra hours (and drinks), that visitors consume while working the web, is the tenant of Octan, a bistro and bar right inside the heart of old town Mainz, which is mostly frequented by students.
The lively nature of young folks — even when surfing the web — also prevents the atmosphere from suffering the "zombie effect", which is created by many people looking at their screens, while preventing to talk with one another.
Since I am always happy to find a free Wi-Fi spot when travelling around, I decided to create a new category on the blog’s sidebar, listing free Wi-Fi locations in the rhine-main area.

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Vapiano: New Self-Service Italian in Frankfurt

A Franchise “Italian” — can this work ?   It can.
Earlier this month I heard of this brandnew restaurant right is the center of frankfurt’s city as an unconventional, though delicious alternative to the established Italian restaurants.
When entering the location through its only entrance, I was suprised by the number of people who obviously had already made Vapiano a crowded ‘In-Location’.
After receiving my RFID-card from a very friendly hostess at the cashier’s desk, I passed by the bar and lounge area, which let me into a large room with long tables (somewhat similiar to a beer garden) and several counters where a dozen chefs were busy preparing fresh italian food on customer’s demands. Though the speed clearly makes the service suffer.
For the newcomer orientation is somewhat difficult here, since there are no guides helping you out on where to order which one of the offered specialties; an the cooks are way too busy for long explanations.
The food itself is as hummy as you would expect, after having watched its lively preparation, though some herbs like oregano or thyme may not have hurt the pasta’s taste and my assigned cook could not really keep his own promise of a ‘medium’-cooked tuna on my pasta.
But that’s all been corrected by the fresh basil and rosemary growing on literally every table, awaiting a demanding customer to pick their leaves off.
While queueing for the next portion it hit me, that it my not be bad to have access to the data that had been stored on my RFID-card’s account so far, to avoid trouble with probable booking accidents, when finally paying at the restaurant’s exit.
Aside all that I have to admit being convinced by the concept’s success and – in most cases – the high quality of the freshly prepared food and ingredients either.
I’ll surely pay them a visit again at my next trip to frankfurt or one of the other locations they are currently expanding to.
The one I visited is located at Goetheplatz in Frankfurt/Main.

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