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Guy Kawasaki on Successful Speaking

On his weblog, he started early this year, Guy Kawasaki has an interesting point on “How to Get a Standing Ovation” by making a succesful speech.

Inside one of his infamous ten-item-lists he states:

Focus on entertaining. Many speech coaches will disagree with this, but the goal of a speech is to entertain the audience. If people are entertained, you can slip in a few nuggets of information. But if your speech is deathly dull, no amount of information will make it a great speech. If I had to pick between entertaining and informing an audience, I would pick entertaining–knowing that informing will probably happen too.

This immediately reminded me on my apprenticeship as an industrial clerk, when after a — as I had assumed — quite successful seminar I had given, one of the trainers looked at me, while trying to talk as serious as he could:

Watch out, that your entertaining presentation won’t kill your appearance. A very entertaing speech isn’t going to be considered "professional".

Since then I wondered what to make of this, since the audience had been happy and — as they told both the trainer and me lateron — they obviously had taken much more out of my lecture than of any other on this day.
Therefore I decided to keep my style of presentation and didn’t ever regret that since.

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Podcasting as Job Engine ?

Calling blogging or podcasting "breadless art" may soon be considered doubtful, since there is an obvious growth – at least in the US – in demand for qualified weblogging and podcasting professionals.
However here in Europe, as always, this movement seems to take some time to get grip…

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2nd Digital Lifestyle Day in Munich from January 23rd to 24th

For the second time, Hubert Burda Media organizes his Digital Lifestyle Day in Munich, where you can meet the who-is-who elite of modern media lifestyle and representatives of the about two dozens of sponsoring companies — if you get invited.
How to grab such an exclusive invitation ?  They deploy the traditional German approach to such an issue: Fill out a form — and chances are high, your visit will be granted. 😉
After strong complaints about last year’s high participation fee (that’s right, you’ll have to pay after being invited…) they obviously decided for individual adjustment this year and did not mention any charges on their website at all, though may opt in for a tax-deductible bill before applying for invitation. Though participation may be quite cheap compared to the recommended accommodation.
What to expect as a result ?  Well, the highest expectable profit may indeed consist in the participant’s chances for social networking, since – compared to the "geek-conferences" that celeb-bloggers and other early adopters tend to attend – this event’s guest list is coined by well known politicians, like Viviane Reding (EU Commissioner for Information Society and Media) and corporate representatives as there are Gabriele Zedlmayer (HP Europe), Yat Siu (Outblaze), Hannes Schwaderer (Intel Germany), Ernst Raue (Deutsche Messe AG), Thomas Middelhoff (KarstadtQuelle) or Philipp Justus (eBay Europe).

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