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What does it need to be successful ?

At the year’s end mostly everybody seems to have some sort of outlook and “best wishes” on their blog, website, paper, newsletter — or whatever one sends to customers to make sure they stay well and buy again from you within the next 12 months coming.
While there can be huge differences between, what some "important" people think, may or may not "hit" next year, I’ll leave you into 2007 with an – as I think – really straight-to-the-point videocast of Richard St. John‘s presentation at the 2005 TED Conference. There the brightest minds of their kind meet to present their key findings first to the $ 4,000 paying attendees and now, finally, to the "public" rest of us.
The 3 minute presentation (which I can completely agree upon) delivers solid answers on how to be successful — independently from what you are going for in a particular case.
There also is a directly playable embedded version of the movie inside the German section of this post. QuickTime is required in order to view the movie.
See you next year !
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Cosima’s cozy Darmstadt IT-Table for the Regulars (though not exclusively…)

Portrait:Cosima JoergensYesterday, for the second time already, I had been invited by Cosima Joergens, awesome host of the IT-Table, to join “the regulars” at the Kaminzimmer bistro in downtown Darmstadt (South-Hesse).
As one can easily tell from the pictures, it’s always a really fun crowd of web developers, programmers, IT-instructors, hardware & network techies, GIS enthusiasts from outside: the bistroand most any kind of species involved in making the IT economy run in the Rhine-Main-Area.
two guests
If you would like to join us the next time, feel free to leave a note on their website or at the OpenBC/XING Group.
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Forum Kiedrich: Founders Wanted Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Germany’s most persistant Start-Up Initiative

Being among the Forum Kiedrich Alumni with SemaWorx myself (though our presentation has been almost two years ago now), I am happy to help them promote their 20th Founders’ Market in the Blogosphere.
If you are an Entrepreneur and/or trying to find customers or investors for your latest invention, the Founders’ Market on February 3rd, 2007 your place to go to find investors (traditionally less VCs but more corporate technologist and business angels) – accompanied by the obviously unavoidable crowd of PR– and any other breed of consultants.
Logo Forum KiedrichThe participation in the event itself is com- pletely free (like in ‘beer’), which is really great if you’re on a budget (whose start-up isn’t…) and besides a better-than-average lunch, the entrepreneurs’ pitches will be accompanied by high quality lectures and workshops.
   This time Claudia Erben (the forum’s CEO) got you a keynote speech on innovation culture given by Jürgen Kunz (CEO of Oracle Germany), Dr. Heinz Klandt (of European Business School, the first person to hold a chair in entrepreneurship in Germany at the time) will tell about the ‘lessons learned’ during ten years of supporting entrepreneurship in Germany and finally a look at future economic demands will be provided by Dr. Andreas Steinle of Zukunftsinstitut. The exact timetable and a listing of the workshops will be provided in January.
So if you are a start-up willing to join the event, you can still apply this entire week. If, on the other hand, you would like to become a mentor, helping start ups to get their companies up and running, you need to apply here.
See you at the Founders’ Market !
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State of the (Sema)Worx– the Blog’s Hiatus repealed

Hi all,
thanks for being patient enough to read this, as there have obviously been no posts to this blog within the last quarter. This is due to a lot of efforts to keep up with the schedule to have a first alpha version of SemaWorx ready early next year, which consequently did not leave much room for further blogging.
Nevertheless within this time a lot of ideas I would like to write about, as well as some raw-material for podcasts have piled up, which I will be happy to share with you within the next weeks — stay tuned. 🙂 🙂
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