Monthly Archives: February 2007

Yahoo! letting A Thousand Semantic Trees blossom

Update: It seems, SemaWorx is going to face some stiff competition… 😉  Their new developer app Yahoo!Pipes can possibly generate services like the ones we are going to provide to consumers. This could easily become the first killer-tool for creating Semantic Web mashups.
After having known about some of their earlier experiments with using namespaces for tagging, I read on the O’Reilly Radar, that Flickr just introduced what they call machine tags.
Those also could easily have been standards-compliant RDF/XML statements (if they just minded adding some angled brackets… 😉 ) to simplify repurposing and distribution e.g. via RSS feeds — just the way we use them for SemaWorx’ information matching.
Though their – on no account less complex – approach may start fostering wider adoption than the original did.