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Luigi Colani’s ANYFIX Mobile Phone Loading Base

ANYFIX Original Signed Product Photo CardHave you experienced this either ?  Somewhere on a trip you realize you forgot your cellphone’s power adaptor at home or the last hotel you visited and you’ve just run out of power.
   Of course a colleague will be happy to lend you his own one — though this unfortunately does not fit your phone’s power jack or the local power supply.
Most likely Luigi Colani experienced this himself before he designed the "Anyfix" universal loading base for mobiles, which he introduced at this year’s CeBIT.
   As I luckily had the chance to see the master himself present it the day I went to Hanover, I did not just get this autographed card, but even you can re-watch his presentation on video.
The adaptor itself is just one surprisingly robust unit (no annoying cables involved), fits a large variety of contemporary phones and power outlets and is proclaimed to hit the shops later this summer.
Anyfix technical details
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Forum Kiedrich: Second Table for Founding Regulars

The table for start-up founders we organize together with Forum Kiedrich every second month has been a huge success with its second instance. We had around 15 visitors, all Alumni of the Forum Kiedrich Founders’ Market and Ralf Schmitt of Baur / Schmitt / Böhmer & Partner who gave a lecture on founders’ typical beginner-mistakes.
See the pictures I took on their blog.

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CeBIT and the Rhineland-Palatinate Exhibition: Is this the End of One-Size-Fits-All ???

In March I visited two exhibitions: The worlds (almost) biggest IT fair CeBIT and the far more local Rhineland-Palatinate Exhibition, a local oriented fair about household items, fashion, re-furbishing your house etc. .
The thing they both had in common, was empty spaces everywhere, widespread company boots in order to cover empty areas (on CeBIT it occationally looked like: &quod;buy 100 square-metres; get 200 for free&quod;). Ithought this was an issue with the fragmented IT sector we have nowadays.
Though, just a week later I was at the Rhineland-Palatinate and, what a wonder, it looked quite similar in many of the halls. Even many of the traditional ‘every year’ stands were missing.
Is this the end of the wide-focussed, more region-related exhibition ?  A side-effect of globalization ?  Will we organize around more narrowly themed conference and exhibition events, rather than regionally targeted ones ?
Looking forward to hear your opinions !

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