Jens Kunath: Answering my Start-Up Founder-Type Question on his Blog

Web 2.0 Angel Investor Jens Kunath just answered my question about preferred character types of founders when choosing a start up for an investment.
As a basic result he mentions on his blog, that within the initial founding state enthusiasm and rock solid knowledge about what is going on on the web are way more important to him than detailed knowledge of controlling or marketing.
   Though he also mentions, that this becomes more important the further the company grows.
Thanks for the comment, Jens. 🙂 🙂

Deutsche Version

Business Angel und Investor Jens Kunath hat in einem Blog-Eintrag meine Frage zum Thema Gründertypen beantwortet.
Quintessenz: Am Anfang zählen vorallem Motivation und Marktkenntnis, bei erfolgreichem Unternehmenswachstum dann mehr und mehr fachliche und operative Qualitäten.