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Cosima’s cozy Darmstadt IT-Table for the Regulars (though not exclusively…)

Portrait:Cosima JoergensYesterday, for the second time already, I had been invited by Cosima Joergens, awesome host of the IT-Table, to join “the regulars” at the Kaminzimmer bistro in downtown Darmstadt (South-Hesse).
As one can easily tell from the pictures, it’s always a really fun crowd of web developers, programmers, IT-instructors, hardware & network techies, GIS enthusiasts from outside: the bistroand most any kind of species involved in making the IT economy run in the Rhine-Main-Area.
two guests
If you would like to join us the next time, feel free to leave a note on their website or at the OpenBC/XING Group.
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Free Wi-Fi @Mainz

Since the time that Deutsche Telekom has started paying bistro-owners a fistful €uros for letting them rig a Wi-Fi hotspot at their location, it seems that in Mainz and several other cities free Wi-Fi has become a rare commodity nowadays.
Though these spots are rarely ever used by the bar or bistro’s clients, since they could easily have three cappuccino at the price of a single hour of internet use.
Someone who has cleverly managed to profit from the extra hours (and drinks), that visitors consume while working the web, is the tenant of Octan, a bistro and bar right inside the heart of old town Mainz, which is mostly frequented by students.
The lively nature of young folks — even when surfing the web — also prevents the atmosphere from suffering the "zombie effect", which is created by many people looking at their screens, while preventing to talk with one another.
Since I am always happy to find a free Wi-Fi spot when travelling around, I decided to create a new category on the blog’s sidebar, listing free Wi-Fi locations in the rhine-main area.

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