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CeBIT and the Rhineland-Palatinate Exhibition: Is this the End of One-Size-Fits-All ???

In March I visited two exhibitions: The worlds (almost) biggest IT fair CeBIT and the far more local Rhineland-Palatinate Exhibition, a local oriented fair about household items, fashion, re-furbishing your house etc. .
The thing they both had in common, was empty spaces everywhere, widespread company boots in order to cover empty areas (on CeBIT it occationally looked like: &quod;buy 100 square-metres; get 200 for free&quod;). Ithought this was an issue with the fragmented IT sector we have nowadays.
Though, just a week later I was at the Rhineland-Palatinate and, what a wonder, it looked quite similar in many of the halls. Even many of the traditional ‘every year’ stands were missing.
Is this the end of the wide-focussed, more region-related exhibition ?  A side-effect of globalization ?  Will we organize around more narrowly themed conference and exhibition events, rather than regionally targeted ones ?
Looking forward to hear your opinions !

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