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Darmstadt: Even more regulars joining Cosima’s IT table on each month's second Tuesday

O.k. it’s been some time, since I visited or even wrote about the tables for coding regulars taking place the second Tuesday every month in Darmstadt. What has changed since then not only is that you now get your invitations mostly via XING instead of e-mail (though you’re of course still welcome to join unannouncedly as well…), but also location and size: the crowd regulars gathering there seems to have grown pretty much from intimate (once) to almost 😉 intimidating size; rarely finding a pub capable of seating the now at least 30 people together every month. Even though I did not meet with all too many acquaintances, I had a very pleasant evening with wonderful insights from most any part of the IT industy. Convince yourself and drop by next time you’re in the area…

Portrait: Cosima and Me



Overview: the entire table


Cosima’s cozy Darmstadt IT-Table for the Regulars (though not exclusively…)

Portrait:Cosima JoergensYesterday, for the second time already, I had been invited by Cosima Joergens, awesome host of the IT-Table, to join “the regulars” at the Kaminzimmer bistro in downtown Darmstadt (South-Hesse).
As one can easily tell from the pictures, it’s always a really fun crowd of web developers, programmers, IT-instructors, hardware & network techies, GIS enthusiasts from outside: the bistroand most any kind of species involved in making the IT economy run in the Rhine-Main-Area.
two guests
If you would like to join us the next time, feel free to leave a note on their website or at the OpenBC/XING Group.
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