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Top lies venture capitalists would like to hear from a start-up company

Inspired by Guy Kawasaki’s “Top Ten Lies…” lists, I finally decided to start one myself (not sure if I can ever get to ten items on this list) about what investment experts I recently talked to obviously wanted to hear from me or tried to push me into:

  1. There are many other companies building a product like ours (proving there is a BIG reliable market), but all the people come to buy it solely from us at our special high-priced website or ‘shop-in-shop’ outlet.
  2. I’m in the internet-business, but our company doesn’t compete with Microsoft or Google.
  3. Q: Aren’t you afraid, your customers might buy their stuff on eBay instead from your Website ?
       Expected A: No, our company is so small, you just cannot compare us to eBay.
  4. There isn’t such thing as a long tail — to make real money on the web, we just need to deal with a fistfull of big customers.
  5. Yes, we have big German clients, but the finished software product is cheaply delivered to us from Hungary at practially no cost.


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Guy Kawasaki “Pitching” MP3 Audio Download

Now he’s become a podcaster, either ! Guy Kawasaki now has an MP3 audio post – read by himself (!) – of his new book’s ( The Art of the Start ) third chapter on his blog for free download. There is also a podcast-feed.
The Art of the Pitch is an introductory guide to the process of reaching agreement — when seeking an investment, closing a sale, forming a partnership, or recruiting an employee.
   This contains many points from How to Be a Demo God, but now put into perspective concerning the pitch’s goals. Plus, near the recording’s end, there is a valuable "Bonus Track" on using certain presentation software…
NOTE: I mirrored the track for easier download and also set up an "off-site" sub-category within the podcasts, so you can easily tell other people’s work from our own.

By the way: This most beautiful flash MP3 audio player is one of the great things you get from ODEO.

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Guy Kawasaki on Successful Speaking

On his weblog, he started early this year, Guy Kawasaki has an interesting point on “How to Get a Standing Ovation” by making a succesful speech.

Inside one of his infamous ten-item-lists he states:

Focus on entertaining. Many speech coaches will disagree with this, but the goal of a speech is to entertain the audience. If people are entertained, you can slip in a few nuggets of information. But if your speech is deathly dull, no amount of information will make it a great speech. If I had to pick between entertaining and informing an audience, I would pick entertaining–knowing that informing will probably happen too.

This immediately reminded me on my apprenticeship as an industrial clerk, when after a — as I had assumed — quite successful seminar I had given, one of the trainers looked at me, while trying to talk as serious as he could:

Watch out, that your entertaining presentation won’t kill your appearance. A very entertaing speech isn’t going to be considered "professional".

Since then I wondered what to make of this, since the audience had been happy and — as they told both the trainer and me lateron — they obviously had taken much more out of my lecture than of any other on this day.
Therefore I decided to keep my style of presentation and didn’t ever regret that since.

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