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Luigi Colani’s ANYFIX Mobile Phone Loading Base

ANYFIX Original Signed Product Photo CardHave you experienced this either ?  Somewhere on a trip you realize you forgot your cellphone’s power adaptor at home or the last hotel you visited and you’ve just run out of power.
   Of course a colleague will be happy to lend you his own one — though this unfortunately does not fit your phone’s power jack or the local power supply.
Most likely Luigi Colani experienced this himself before he designed the "Anyfix" universal loading base for mobiles, which he introduced at this year’s CeBIT.
   As I luckily had the chance to see the master himself present it the day I went to Hanover, I did not just get this autographed card, but even you can re-watch his presentation on video.
The adaptor itself is just one surprisingly robust unit (no annoying cables involved), fits a large variety of contemporary phones and power outlets and is proclaimed to hit the shops later this summer.
Anyfix technical details
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Wolfsburg: New Location for SemaWorx ?

Update: No, we finally decided not to go there, as Wolfburg AG had to step back from their initial proposals, due to consequences from current financial constraints at Volkswagen.
Yesterday I followed an invitation to Wolfsburg: a pretty far way to go from here, especially if you miss the connection train at Hannover… 😐
The visit was hosted by Wolfsburg AG, a Public Private Partnership of Volkswagen AG and the city of Wolfsburg (which is where VW‘s headquarters are in Germany).
Since their initiatives to improve the regional economic structure include establishing (not too) automobile-reliant industry in that area.
SemaWorx applied last Febrary, as we are looking for some affordable office-space (at Mainz it’s been rather expensive for years…) as well as reliable network to spread the news about SemaWorx technology and foster new collaborations with other companies.
   Within the almost four hours I spent there, I was given the oppotunity to discuss the SemaWorx business model with two of their business developers, as well as enjoying a tour across their facilities and having a look at the rather beautiful offices we are offered to rent at very reasonable conditions.

Finally I was invited for a meal at their canteen, however I skipped the (in)famous VW-Curry-Sausage and stayed with some of the other offerings and a big plate of Antipasti.

My overall impression ?

Tremendously positive. Absolutely worth more than a consideration.

If it just wasn’t these 400 km in between from here… I’ll provide you with updates on our decision process.

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