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MashMaker — Intel entering Semantic Web"through the back door" ?

   That’s at least the way they put it. As I unfortunately have not yet been able to make it among the lucky ones, who get the first bunches of early-adopter tickets for Intel’s MashMaker, I have to stick with the documentation when it comes to figuring out the details:
screen-thumbnail of the Intel  MashMaker websiteIn order to bring mash-up creation to "the rest of us", the service provides you a toolbar for Firefox 2+ (with other versions still to come) which brings pre-programmed access to service APIs like Google Maps or Yahoo! Search with it. Whenever you then visit a webpage and choose a mash-up kind from the toolbar’s menu or simply push one of the buttons for the more popular services, the program trys to relate and mash-up the (optionally selected) webpage content with popular web services of choice.

   And while the toolbar software seems to make use of semantic web content extraction more in the sense search engines do it, obviously users are enabled to share with others if they are being happy with the automated processing results and especially if they could successful use the mashup they created. So you can annotate and refine the results lateron and in return the MashMaker server will lern about web pages’ content and start soon proposing suitable mash-ups by itself.

   While it currently still looks a bit like messing up DabbleDB and, it may indeed have a real semanti RDF based backend, making sure, it won’t mess with its databases either (which has not yet been confirmed) 😉 . Nevertheless MashMaker finally seems to be a really powerful new tool for collaborative webpage annotation.

FLOCKing to the Future

Last Wednesday I – as many others, I assume – read about FLOCK for the first time on TechCrunch: It’s a new Firefox-Clone with built-in Social Networking.
So if you’ve been annoyed by using half a dozen of apps and web services, until you finally get your thoughts on your blog, the photographs on Flickr and the new bookmarks on (proper tagging goes without saying here… 😉 ), this new program may have been built for you.
Although their FAQ say, that FLOCK originally had been intended to be released as a set of extensions for the "common" Firefox, it obviously turned out that it would need too big efforts to get it all work together properly, so that its developers decided to release it as a separate app.
Despite its current beta state, most of the intended functionality seems to work quite properly and I had quite some fun trying it all out.
It is said, that this could be an early predecessor of future Web 2.0 browsing apps.
Serverside a readily hosted WordPress-Blog seems to be the appropriate counterpart.
Maybe this could also be a way for future deployment and interaction with our SemaWorx services. I’ll have to take some time to think about this option… 😉

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