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Luigi Colani’s ANYFIX Mobile Phone Loading Base

ANYFIX Original Signed Product Photo CardHave you experienced this either ?  Somewhere on a trip you realize you forgot your cellphone’s power adaptor at home or the last hotel you visited and you’ve just run out of power.
   Of course a colleague will be happy to lend you his own one — though this unfortunately does not fit your phone’s power jack or the local power supply.
Most likely Luigi Colani experienced this himself before he designed the "Anyfix" universal loading base for mobiles, which he introduced at this year’s CeBIT.
   As I luckily had the chance to see the master himself present it the day I went to Hanover, I did not just get this autographed card, but even you can re-watch his presentation on video.
The adaptor itself is just one surprisingly robust unit (no annoying cables involved), fits a large variety of contemporary phones and power outlets and is proclaimed to hit the shops later this summer.
Anyfix technical details
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Apple’s iPhone: A Really Revolutionary Interface. But wait — haven’t I seen this thing before !?

Hi, and a really great new year to all of you. When I watched Steve Jobs’ keynote (QuickTime required) opening Macworld this week and he showed the ‘brandnew’ multi-touch display of their new iPhone, I immediately remembered: I had seen this before. So please enjoy watching Jeff Han presenting his invention.

Finally a fully featured Linus-FONero !

FON Movement ButtonI made it !  I finally managed to make my brandnew € 5,- FON Social Router happily play together with the existing AVM Fritz!Box DSL-Router.
   FON is a Spanish start-up, founded by serial-entrepreneur Martin Varsavsky, trying to bring affordable public Wi-fi into most every city on the globe.
Join the Movement !

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SemaWorx Prototype Ready – Official Press Release (in German)

We made it !
N770 & SemaBeacon — showing the prototypeYes, I know it’s sheerly unbelievable, but we finally got a working prototype of SemaWorx Soft- & Hardware. I’m really amazed by this, since it has been a *very* long going process since the first concepts almost two years ago.
   On the photograph you can see me holding our Bluetooth Beacon in the left hand (we built it into a paving stone, milled from a piece of Styrodur, to demonstrate the versatility 😉 ) and showing the “beamed” user-interface on my N770 above.
   This also showcases the realtime handling of various semantic XML data sources.
Please see the details for press releases and photographs.

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