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Checkout Re-Visited: Step 6 — when the deal is done; The ORDER SUCCESSFUL Page


If one would really want to add use to this page (thereby exeeding its functionality beyond the one of a simple check mark…) probably adding some of the following features could do the job:


  • Display a copy of the order just taken.
  • Tell the customer what the next steps towards the fulfillment of the order are going to be and and how long these are being assumed to take. Let the customer know when he will be going to hear from you for the next times.
  • If possible provide a clickable URL to a page where your customer can query the processing status of his order and allow him to make final adjustments there (this will save you money in the end).
  • Provide your customer with a simple way to keep track of his order. Allow for printing out all of this information. Peace of mind is a really important issue here and not to be underestimated.
  • Facilitate later reference as well as re-orders by including appropriate links and materials with a downloadable version, as well as sending a copy of all information on this page to the customer’s e-mail account.

That’s it, an overview of possible outcomes to be created by developments currently underway on the web. Those of you accustomed to catching up with the latest developments on the web, will likely have heard of one or the other approach, though what in my eyes has been missing by far is a combined usage scenario for for all of these ideas.
My intent has been to show both potential and side-effects coming with some of the latest developments that are growing from nowhere today, but may soon have serious impact on how we live our lives online.
You hopefully enjoyed the trip alongside the cutting edge of what is already possible today, let’s see which of these ideas are going to successfully make it to ease life on the worlds online markets and which one we will possibly not appreciate being offered us with our own online purchases within the next years.

See you. 🙂