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NH Hoteles now providing Under-Way Hand Washing to their Guests

a sample tube of Augua de la Tierra &quod;Clean and Hygienic Hands&quod; lotionDespite there possibly being ways to wash your hands in innocence, this appears a much more credible and easier available approach to get your hands clean of almost anything without deploying any water. No kidding. This isn’t just the infamous "instant water"-concept (simply add water to use… ;-)), but an innovation of NH Hoteles to their Agua de la Tierra body care series, my side discovery when staying at the NH Norge after the before mentioned seminar in the evening and finding a free sample of the product in my hotel room.

I tried it out and it’s really impressive: You just pour some of the gel into your hands, rub them firmly, possibly casually dry them with a handkerchief — and that’s it. You got clean hands from just about half of the tube’s content.

Being already aware of NH’s innovation in the food area (like the healthy fast food created by Ferran Adriá) or the hospitality sector (think their nhow design hotels), I now also became a great fan of their cosmetics series and immediately bought a dozen units of this impressive handcleaner to accompany my future travels.

OUTSIDE INnovation by Patty Seybold

Admittedly, I’m late. Patricia “Patty” B. Seybold’s work OUTSIDE INnovation already came out more than two years ago. And even though I started reading (or better: ‘devouring’) the first chapters immediately after it hit the bookstores in October 2006, the changes in my life, business and the moving left me up with always delaying OUTSIDE INNOVATION book cover this post until now. So what can I say after having lots of time to think through its ideas and concepts ?  Well, she got even better. 🙂  The new book is even more fun to read than the earlier ones. Also the new structure with bite-sized information chunks is very pleasing if you don’t have a lot of time to read chapters in one piece. Though, now you have to pay attention in order to keep up with the thoughtfully chosen information structure, if you want to get all of the causal connections right.

However (again) Patty has done a terrific job assembling the case studies of quite renowned firms from Europe and the US.

Right a the beginning the reader gets an introduction into which changes have occured to corporate innovation efforts and where the author sees her customer-focussed approach to foster and collect innovative concepts right from a company’s customers related to the traditional ivory tower paradigm of traditional corporated R&D labs (“if we build it they will come”).

As these are:

  • finding lead users in your respective industry, giving them the tools to customize your products and then, in return, letting their inventions influence your product development
  • engaging with the most visionary customers to co-design new products, services and processes
  • enabling customers to help one other, share new concepts and build on top of each others ideas

Currently working for a personalized goods company myself, I’d personally recommend this read to any product manager, CEO and all controllers still thinking, continuously throwing out new cheap “quick & dirty” products was be the most effective way to e-commerce.

The Macintization of Windows’ Mice

Being a powerful interface widget for Mac users for quite some time now, Exposé has now come to Windows either.
Well, sort of. When I first experienced this, I actually thought it was the recently installed beta version of Safari for Windows, who had secretly smuggled this onto my computer.
   Though, alleging this being from Apple, it would have been a working but poor piece of design. Later on I remembered I had also upgraded the drivers for my Microsoft Intellipoint Mouse. Bingo ! The latest Intellipoint Driver installer switches the auto-scroll "click" function of your mouse wheel to this all-open-app-view without asking, so you have to discover this by incident or (like me) accident at some time.
With so many Windows under ones hood, you’re now officially a pimp (and all of this completely advertently, of course…). 😉

Forum Kiedrich: Second Table for Founding Regulars

The table for start-up founders we organize together with Forum Kiedrich every second month has been a huge success with its second instance. We had around 15 visitors, all Alumni of the Forum Kiedrich Founders’ Market and Ralf Schmitt of Baur / Schmitt / Böhmer & Partner who gave a lecture on founders’ typical beginner-mistakes.
See the pictures I took on their blog.

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