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NH Hoteles now providing Under-Way Hand Washing to their Guests

a sample tube of Augua de la Tierra &quod;Clean and Hygienic Hands&quod; lotionDespite there possibly being ways to wash your hands in innocence, this appears a much more credible and easier available approach to get your hands clean of almost anything without deploying any water. No kidding. This isn’t just the infamous "instant water"-concept (simply add water to use… ;-)), but an innovation of NH Hoteles to their Agua de la Tierra body care series, my side discovery when staying at the NH Norge after the before mentioned seminar in the evening and finding a free sample of the product in my hotel room.

I tried it out and it’s really impressive: You just pour some of the gel into your hands, rub them firmly, possibly casually dry them with a handkerchief — and that’s it. You got clean hands from just about half of the tube’s content.

Being already aware of NH’s innovation in the food area (like the healthy fast food created by Ferran Adriá) or the hospitality sector (think their nhow design hotels), I now also became a great fan of their cosmetics series and immediately bought a dozen units of this impressive handcleaner to accompany my future travels.